Increasingly, Architects are being held accountable for water intrusion and roofing failures. Often, the Architect has been convinced to allow cheaper or "inferior materials" by the contractor who is at times supported by the Owner.

Based on over 1,000 lawsuits, the cost savings is usually less than 5% of the cost of proper, well-designed and long-term warranted waterproofing and roofing materials. Failures do occur, most commonly due to the chemistry of the chosen materials.

IPS works with the Architectural professional to provide:

  • Building envelope consulting services to ensure your design is watertight.
  • Specification assistance and guidance to design watertight structures for glazing, curtain wall, waterproofing, roofing and building envelope.
  • Red-Lining.
  • Chemical analysis / recommendation of specified materials.
  • Matching the physiochemical and engineering characteristics of materials with their intended application.
  • Green Roof / Planter Design.
  • Execution of inspections on the project to assure exact compliance.
  • Compliance with Miami-Dade NOA, BOCA, ASTM, ICRI, CGSA, CCMC, CND,UL,BBA, AAMA.


Always have your attorney:

  • Check your specifications, contracts and communications with owners, clients, contractors, and consultants.
  • Review the manufacturer’s warranty for the products that you have specified.
  • Discern the difference between material-only, and material and labor warranties and make very sure that your client understands the difference.
  • Check the legal or court records of the manufacturers that you intend to specify in the county where the project will be built as well as surrounding counties.
  • Check the legal or court records of the contractor who your client intends to employ.
  • Check the approval status (manufacturer’s approved contractor) of the contractor that intends to provide your client and you with a bid.

IPS has employed a chemical engineering discipline to design and construction for decades. Moisture must be stopped at the building envelope by tying in the various chemistries of exterior-grade vertical coatings, expansion joint materials and ponding – proof waterproof membranes.

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