• Expert witness in roofing and waterproofing materials.
  • Forensic construction materials scientist.
  • Definitive solutions for water intrusion issues.
  • Expert chemical analysis of construction materials.
  • Analysis of material and/or application failures.
  • Analysis of counter-indicated chemistries.
  • Specialists in preserving buildings adjacent to saltwater.
  • 35 years of forensic analysis of construction materials.

Architects and engineers that are well-intentioned either do not understand the chemistries of the construction materials they specify or do not read the manufacturer warranties and literature. Or, against their better judgement, allow the contractor to change the specification and use inferior materials that fail.

As experts in the field of the chemical analysis of construction materials, Integral Preservation Systems (IPS) defines the exact casue of material failure and provides testimony that is identifiable and comprehensive for the most discerning jury, judge or arbitrator.

The testing IPS provides depends on the case and the chemistry:

  • Modern petrography,
  • X-ray diffraction,
  • Scanning electron microscopy,
  • Spectrophotometry.

These allow us the ability to define:

  • The chemistries of on-site mix ratios,
  • Exposure to water (rain),
  • Adhesion at time of set,
  • Previously installed and un-prepped deleterious materials that cause a myriad of failures,
  • Reverse engineering of materials, etc.

This, coupled with physical and analytical chemical analysis, allows IPS to provide the legal team with the testing documentation and interpretation that ultimately leads to conclusions that are irrefutable.

Upon initial introduction to a case, a cost-effective analysis can be provided to determine the veracity of the position of either the plaintiff or defendant and allow the legal team, as well as those being represented, a comprehensive balance sheet as to the probability of success.

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