Property Managers
  • Loyalty and Commitment - IPS serves as an advocate representing you.
  • Protection for your structure and from litigation.
  • Success being legally-binding, long-term manufacturer warranties.
  • Knowledge that is not available from your engineer, architect, attorney or contractor.
  • Independent from all parties in order to preserve structures adjacent to saltwater.
  • Value-added services to ensure the 'health' of your structure, one of which is a Forensic Study.
  • Clarity as to what you really need for success.
  • Responsiblity for the contractor's proper material applications.
  • Recommendation of firms with the same commitment and loyalty to your property.
  • Vetted and approved contractors only for warrantable material applications.
  • Definitive solutions for water intrusion issues.

IPS can and will assist you with:

  • Counseling your Board as to how, when and why, to engage in restoration,
  • Determining the cause and responsibility of failures,
  • Providing Expert Witness when failures become litigation,
  • When and how to avoid ‘catastrophic’ problems,
  • Why restoration costs what it costs – Educational material,
  • Why the chemistries of the material make an enormous difference,
  • Explaining the importance of legally-binding, long-term warranties,
  • Inspecting the building envelope to ascertain where and how water intrusion occurs (included in the Forensic Study),
  • Matching the appropriate material chemistries for the roofing and/or waterproofing need (included in the Forensic Study),
  • Inspecting and controlling the application of materials to assure the long-term warranty’s approval as legally required by the manufacturers.

Property managers have the responsiblity of maintaining the physical integrity of the structure they manage as well as balancing the financial, aesthetic and real property values. Waiting too long to embrace the proper restoration can deplete, it not totally destroy, all of these components. Integral Preservation Systems (IPS) provides the Property Manager with the tools to not only assess the areas of concern regarding restoration, but also provides the educational instruments for your Board and Association members.

Owning a property on the beach is as challenging as owning a boat. Both are constantly awash in sea spray via rain as well as the prevailing winds laden with salt leaving them exposed to this onslaught of damage.  Movement due to thermal dynamics exacerbates the issue by creating more areas for water intrusion. It is infinitely less expensive to address water intrusion and waterproofing concerns early vs. waiting for deterioration of the reinforcing steel or leaving another Board to deal with the issues.

IPS specializes in the chemical composition of construction materials particularly for long-term water-tightness solutions from a physiochemical perspective. The Forensic Study offered by IPS becomes a legal document which becomes the property of the Association. This Forensic Study is the outline and guideline for any current and future waterproofing and roofing restoration that may be required.

By recommending that you hire a Structural Engineering firm that specializes in restoration who is also committed to long-term material and labor watertightness warranties, IPS can orchestrate the ideal installation by a current vetted and approved contractor and ensure the deliverance of these types of warranties.

The affects of inappropriate or aged roofing/waterproofing materials speak for themselves.

At IPS, we do everything in our power to provide you, as well as the building owners, all the information needed to make a knowledgable and informed decision regarding any roofing or waterproofing restoration that is being considered.

At the end of a project, the material manufacturer and their representative are the only ones who can put a legally-binding warranty into place – not the architect, structural engineer or the contractor. Always have your Attorney review the manufacturer’s warranty for any material that is being considered for water-tightness, and have your structural engineer review the manufacturer’s product literature.

Please contact Integral Preservation Systems (IPS) at 954.522.2775 or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for a Forensic Water Intrusion Inspection and / or meeting.