• Forensic Engineering specializing in Multi-Use Structures as well as Multi-Family High-Rise Condominiums working closely with Owners, Association Boards and Property Managers for their restoration project needs.
  • Repairs and Restoration of Existing Buildings.
  • Evaluating structural components and structural systems to ensure the structural integrity of buildings.
  • Unique expertise in construction material science and forensics as well as expert testimony.
  • 558 Assistance as it relates to construction material failures via extensive knowledge of ASTM and ICRI standards as well as the physio-chemical properties of construction materials.
  • Roofing and Waterproofing Investigation and Design Repair


  • Foremost Authority on the Physio-Chemical Properties of Roofing and Waterproofing Materials.
  • Consulting Services provided on over 70 million square feet of waterproofing without one failure.
  • Unique expertise in the material science and forensics of roofing and waterproofing materials.
  • Roofing and Waterproofing Investigation and Design Repair.
  • 558 Assistance and Expert Testimony in the areas of water intrusion and construction material failures.


  • Condominium Restoration needs are mostly attributable to water intrusion. This can include water intrusion from the expansion joints, planters, roofing and waterproofing.
  • Water intrusion is a result of failed waterproofing/construction materials and sometimes age.
  • When waterproofing/construction materials fail, it exposes the concrete and its encased reinforcing structural steel or post-tension cables to the forces of the environment; in particular water and salt.
  • Since concrete is porous, water penetrates it and thus exposes the steel and/or cables resulting in the beginning of the corrosion process. As these structural components corrode, it begins to affect the structural integrity of the building.
  • Proper roofing and waterproofing are critical in protecting the structural components of a building from the forces of the environment.
  • As a consulting engineering firm that specializes in the physio-chemical properties of construction materials, we offer a unique approach to high-rise condominium restoration and guarantee that your building will be watertight.


  • This is also known as the Florida Construction Defect Statute and involves a pre-suit process when construction defects are found after the building is considered “substantially complete”.
  • These defects include any water intrusion coming through the building envelope elements whether waterproofing, roofing, expansion joints, sealants, etc.
  • Water intrusion combined with salt from the on-shore breezes is the single-most destructive component to structures adjacent to salt water.
  • Water intrusion is the leading cause of litigation and initiated by construction material failures.
  • Construction material failures do not occur in just one area but are a systemic problem throughout the structure and need to be treated as such during the 558 Process.
  • Our unique expertise in the material science and forensics of roofing and waterproofing materials provide irrefutable expert testimony to Associations resulting in more dollars for the remediation needed.

IPS Companies can assist you regarding any matter concerning the building envelope and/or the chemical analysis of construction materials – new or old, failure or solution. Please contact IPS Companies at 954.522.2775 or info@ipsconsult.net