• Loyalty and Commitment - IPS serves as an advocate representing you.
  • Structural engineers focus on structural integrity where IPS focuses on the material chemistries to assure long-term water-tightness.
  • Water-tightness is the only responsible long-term solution.
  • Independent and technical support as it relates to preserving structures adjacent to saltwater.
  • Value-added services to ensure the 'health' of your structure, one of which is a Forensic Study.
  • Guidance through the decision-making process for choosing a financially sound, reputable and approved contractor.
  • Liaison between the manufacturer and the Board.
  • Responsible for manufacturers' inspections to ensure warranty can be provided.
  • Vetted and approved contractors only for warrantable material applications.
  • Definitive solutions for water intrusion issues.


As an Owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your structure is designed to be watertight and that your Contractors do not Value Engineer (VE) the most important materials of the building - building envelope.  

Unfortunately, a culture has been created in new construction whereby Owners, General Contractors, their subs and Designers allow for Value-Engineering the building envelope materials that are designed and specified to keep structures watertight.  This VE practice leads to water intrusion (i.e. failure) which inevitably can lead to litigation.

The cost during construction of installing the proper materials for a watertight structure vs. materials that have proven to fail can be as little at 15 cents per square foot.  The cost of restoration of these failures is $35.00-40.00 per square foot.  

Value Engineering does not equate to Value and proper materials do not equate to expensive.

IPS will ensure a watertight structure at the same time as keeping within the Owner's overall budget. 



As an Owner of an existing structure, it is your responsibility to engage in restoration projects when necessary and that these projects are completed correctly as well as accompanied by long-term, legally-binding material and labor warranties. 

Many Owners put off these repairs for years until it becomes so severe that the structure is in need of huge assessments. It is documented by ICRI (International Concrete Repair Institute), ACI (the American Concrete Institute), NAWSRC (National Association of Waterproofing and Structural Repair Contractors), NRCA National Roofing Contractors Association, NCSEA (National Council of Structural Engineers Association)——that for every six months of neglect, the cost of repair associated with reinforcing steel exposed to water intrusion increases by a factor of 200%. With the exposure of salt water, the cost of restoration and repair increases to 425% every six months until a plateau is reached of approximately 25% of total degradation of the concrete and the reinforcing steel. 

From this point, the expectation of a 21% to a 55% increase for every two years of exposure should be used as a calculation for future expenditures.  As of the writing of this page for our website, the cost of concrete and reinforcing steel repair is approximately $500 per cubic foot.

The cost of restoration when the initial need occurs is inconsequential compared to the costs of waiting. 

IPS will complete a Forensic Study that discusses the problems, the solutions, and the required urgency of any water intrusion and damage caused by the same.  This Forensic Study will provide an evaluation of the project via a physiochemical analysis to present you with the appropriate data to make intelligent decisions regarding any needed building envelope restoration activities.


The Benefits that Owners receive from IPS include:

  • Recommendation of building envelope materials with the proper physiochemical and engineering characteristics to match the intended application.
  • Explanation / education as to why materials are successful and why materials fail. 
  • Long-term watertightness while staying within budgets.
  • Design or review of specified materials. 
  • Copies of all documentation for attorney review. 
  • Guidance and/or Inspection throughout the building envelope/waterproofing/roofing project.

IPS’ focus is the efficacy and application of the appropriate material chemistries to avert any water intrusion from affecting the structural members.  Our business has been conducted in this manner for over 39 years and we understand and appreciate the particular concerns of Owners and the intricacies of structures adjacent to sea water.

Always have your attorney review manufacturer warranties as well as product literature for any product that is being considered for building envelope water-tightness.

There are many options but very few solutions that provide the correct material chemistries to match the intended application.

Please contact our office at 954.522.2775 or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information.