The 2-year project at Ocean II Condominiums in Sunny Isles, FL is completed. This consisted of removing all the failed waterproofing of this 10-year old structure, prepping all surfaces, installing Lymtal expansion joints at the perimeter as well as the separate structures, and the application of Lymtal’s urethane deck coating to protect the tennis court surfaces. American Hydrotech’s MM6125-FR hot-applied waterproofing system was used to protect all of the decks and planters. A 20-year material and labor water-tightness warranty is issued by American Hydrotech. Jack Erdozain was the engineer.

Due to the watertight success of Lymtal’s expansion joints and traffic coatings at one of Florida International University’s (FIU) parking garages, they have once again requested the use of Lymtal materials for their new Parking Garage #5.

All of the planters at the Montenaro Condominium’s in Naples, FL were restored with American Hydrotech’s MM6125FR hot-applied waterproofing membrane. This consisted of over 65,000 square feet of planter waterproofing.

Lymtal’s 100% reactive urethane deck coating and J30 expansion joints were used to completely stop all water intrusion at 4141′s (Miami’s Art District) parking garage. Once completed, this was the first time the building did not have any water entering the occupied space beneath the parking deck. The contractor was Florida Lemark.

In January, Pistorino & Alam highly recommends the specially designed Lymtal-Hydrotech watertight system for decks in South Florida due to their enormous success in an environment of cold-snaps and rainfall.

1111 Lincoln Road on Miami Beach is completed. A specially-designed green roof was installed at the owner’s entrance at the top of the parking garage. This green roof consists of American Hydrotech’s MM6125-FR system, as well as their custom-designed system that was used for its’ highly-sloped conditions. This structure has been featured in Architectural Digest and is used for all types of events due to its unique design.

On Key Biscayne, FL, Commodore Club South Condominiums’ 26,000 square foot recreation deck was completed using Lymtal’s 780/750 deck coating. Engineer was Pistorino & Alam; the contractors were Structural Preservation Systems (SPS) and Sealtite Services.