Restoration began at Las Olas by the River Condominiums where caulk was used in place of a true expansion joint and where a roofing material was used instead of a hot-applied waterproofing membrane. Materials to be applied with be Lymtal’s Precom H expansion joint and American Hydrotech’s MM6125.One Woodbrook Place in Trinidad is one of the largest waterproofing projects in the Islands.  Paragon Painting & Waterproofing is the contractor and they continue with the application of American Hydrotech’s MM6125FR waterproofing system.

The Seasons Condominiums in Naples, FL, recreation pool deck and planter restoration project is completed. Lymtal and American Hydrotech issue their warranties. The engineer was Delta Engineering and the applicator was Walker Construction.Restoration continues at The Trieste Condominiums in Naples, FL with the application of American Hydrotech’s MM6125 for the decks and planters and Lymtal’s expansion joints.