The majority of building envelope construction failures happen because the physio-chemical properties of a specified material or a value-engineered material do not match its intended purpose. For instance, the physio-chemical properties of caulking cannot fulfill the intended purpose for a watertight 2” expansion joint opening.

As experts in the field of the chemical analysis of construction materials, IPS Engineering Group defines the exact cause of material failure that has resulted in water intrusion, stucco cracks, paver ‘efflorescence’, roofing issues, etc. and provides irrefutable testimony that is identifiable as well as comprehensive for the most discerning arbitrator, judge or jury.

Since IPS Engineering Group is a licensed structural engineering firm with a specialization in the physio-chemical properties of construction materials, we can assist you with all aspects of your construction litigation.


  • Expert Witness in Building Envelope Materials
  • Forensic Construction Materials Scientist
  • Expert Chemical Analysis of Construction Materials
  • Analysis of Material and/or Application Failures
  • Analysis of Counter-Indicated Chemistries
  • Specialists in Preserving Structures Adjacent to Sea Water
  • Definitive Solutions for Water Intrusion Issues
  • 40+ Years of Forensic Analysis of Construction Materials

Upon initial introduction to a case, a cost-effective analysis can be provided to determine the veracity of the position of either the plaintiff or defendant and allow the legal team, as well as those being represented, a comprehensive balance sheet as to the probability of success.

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