High-Rise Condominium Restoration

Condominium Restoration needs are mostly attributable to water intrusion. This can include water intrusion from the expansion joints, planters, roofing and waterproofing.

  • Water intrusion is a result of failed waterproofing/construction materials and age.
  • Waterproofing is essential to protect the concrete and its encased reinforcing structural steel or post-tension cables from water and salt.
  • Because concrete is porous, water penetrates and exposes the steel and/or cables resulting in significant corrosion.  Corrosion is the most demonstrative and destructive effect when waterproofing fails.
  • Chemically stable waterproofing and roofing must be designed to never fail.

As a consulting engineering firm that specializes in the physio-chemical properties of construction materials, we offer a unique approach to high-rise condominium restoration that offers up to 30 years of protection supported by legal warranties.

Consulting Structural Engineers